Fair Economy

Key Policy

Clark believes in universal values that celebrate community over competition. For him universal values include Trust, Cooperation, Truthfulness, and Respect for all living beings and the health of our planet. He is proud to stand with the millions of Americans who are in protest mode right now.

Clark works for Olympia's community to make laws and encourage growth that creates a more fair economy. We are all better off when we are all better off!

Environmental Champion

For a Better Future


Clark will continue to fight to protect green spaces, enhance habitat, and ensure that future growth has minimal impact on our ecosystems. Olympia's natural environmental richness makes it especially unique in its need for preservation.

Your Voice Matters

More eyes on city decisions and more voices in the process is a good thing.

Let's acknowledge the good work done by many people on boards, commissions, committees, and non-profits. Over 1,000 people participated in our recent downtown strategy! Clark is proud of Olympia’s public involvement. And he will ask for more.

Many Cities are creating opportunities for people to participate in creating the City budget. How we spend your money says more about real priorities than all the speeches we make during Council meetings. We need more eyes on the budget. Clark held a people’s budget workshop, he continues to meet with many constituents, he has called for Council meetings in the community. Council works better when we listen to you.